Picture of Pellet Boiler Accessories

Pellet Boiler Accessories

Pellet Boiler Accessories
Vacuum Feeder
Picture of Vacuum Feeder

It is used to transfer pellets over a longer distance. This unit operates on its own based on the user setting in the boiler control unit. The pellets are transported to a hopper from an external container and then supplied to the burner.

Lambda probe
Picture of Lambda probe

It serves to maintain the best amount of air for combustion.  It optimizes the combustion process in the case of varying chimney draft and quality of pellets. The main parts are: lambda oxygen probe, electrical circuit board and connecting cables.

Picture of Compressor

You can use the compressor for complete cleaning of the burner grate. The compressor is controlled from the boiler control unit, so it is possible to provide automatic operation of the compressor without requiring a manual start by the user.

Flue gas temperature sensor
Picture of Flue gas temperature sensor

It reads the temperature of the flue in the chimney. Making it possible to ensure that the maximum heat generated by boiler is used and minimum amount of heat is escaping through the chimney. Once you read the flue gas temperature you can achieve the best result through the optimization of the burner operation.

3 Way valve
Picture of 3 Way valve

It is used to heat the hot water in the boiler. It is possible to engage in the boiler control unit. This valve is necessary to connect temperature sensor, which senses the return water temperature.

Wireless room thermostat
Picture of Wireless room thermostat

You can plug it into the boiler control unit. Instructs the boiler to turn on/off based on the temperature in the room.

Temperature sensor 8’ and 49’
Picture of Temperature sensor 8’ and 49’

These sensors can be used for domestic water temperature, inlet and outlet water from the boiler, and the outdoor temperature reading.