Picture of Oventrop Regumat RTA 130

Oventrop Regumat RTA 130

For return temperature control of solid fuel and pellet boilers.
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OVENTROP-Station for soild fuel boilers "Regumat RTA-130 TOP"


The stations “Regumat RTA-130” DN 25 allow the connection of the heating system/storage cylinder to the solid fuel boiler and to maintain a minimum return temperature of approx. 55 °C.


  • pre-assembled connection system for pumps with a length of 130 mm
  • high quality materials
  • insulation made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) supplied with each station
  • easy installation by use of tailpipe sets
  • sensor integrated in the return

Product assembly for the connection of the solid fuel boiler to the heating system/storage cylinder consisting of:

Isolation device consisting of two ball valves with thermometers integrated in the handles for supply and return temperature display, check valve in the supply pipe to avoid gravity circulation, high-efficiency pump with cable in the return pipe, three-way mixing valve and temperature controller with immersion sensor.

Control range: 40 °C – 70 °C

The return temperature is increased to the set value with the help of a three-way mixing valve in combination with a temperature controller (control range xx) with immersion sensor.  Boiler connection from the top.

Consisting of:

  • Circulation pump
  • Ball valve with thermometer
  • Three-way mixing valve
  • Temperature controller with immersion sensor
  • Flanged pipe with check valve
  • Ball valve with thermometer and connection for immersion sensor
  • Insulation

Connection to the heating circuit: G 1½ male thread, flat sealing
Connection to the boiler: G 1½ male thread, flat sealing
Distance between pipe centres: 125 mm
Size: DN 25
Model: with Grundfos pump UPS 25-60
max. pressure: PN 10
max. temperature: 110 °C

Oventrop Brouchure (pdf, 71kB)
Oventrop Technical (pdf, 71kB)