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Oil Burner for BioMass Combo
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No. 1 and No. 2 fuel oil burners with features:
• Flamelock retention head results in improved efficiency and lower emissions
• Low nozzle temperatures
• Positive retention
• Controlled flame pattern
• High static pressure which overcomes adverse draft conditions 

Technical Properties:

Capacity 0.50 thru 2.75 G.P.H., No. 1 or No. 2 fuel oil.
Fuel Pump   Standard 3450 R.P.M. fuel pump-serviceable anywhere. One or two stage.
Controls Optional with cadmium sulphide cell and relay installed.
Ignition 10,000 V. constant duty transformer. TV-Radio interference proof. Positive make or break contact with electrodes. Swing-away design swings open for easy access to gun assembly.
Motor NEMA Standard, 1/7 H.P. Split Phase 3450 R.P.M. 115 V, 60 HZ.
Fan Housing One piece, die cast aluminum which aligns all moving parts.
Mounting Adjustable flange or base mount.
Nozzle Adapter Patented no drip brass adapter insures sharp oil cutoff when fuel pump shuts off. Bleeds air from line, prevents afterdrip, eliminating smoke, soot and carbon formation.
Air Adjustment Patented multiple air adjusting bands interlock for positive air adjustment.
Air Tube Heavy duty 13 gauge seamless material.
Flame Retention Head High temperature stainless steel for longer life.
50 HZ burners available Maximum firing rate reduced to 2.25 G.P.H. at 50 HZ operation.
Shipping Weight Approximately 35 LBS.


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Old price:  $425.00
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